About EBBA

Ebba works as a freelancer in design and creative photo and film productions. 
It all began for her in 2016 with her first designer role at J.Lindeberg in Stockholm. After five years of shaping women's collections, she decided to strike out on her own as a freelancer. Wanting to be more involved in the entire process, from creating garments to being present at fashion shows and photoshoots, drove her decision.
In 2021, Ebba transitioned to freelancing full-time, taking on additional responsibilities such as production coordination, stylist assistance, and seamstress work for photoshoots while still pursuing her design projects.
Since 2024, Ebba has been actively enhancing her skills in 3D design, utilizing software such as Clo3D and Blender to expand her expertise.

Please feel free to reach out regarding collaboration opportunities and projects.